The Banana Republic - the Evpatorian Aquapark welcomes!

The official opening of Evpatoria Aquapark was held in 2005. The max amount of tourists that it can host is 2500 people. You get there whether by bus or taxi - 10 minutes driving and you are facing the "Banana Republic Aquapark" - the biggest one in the Crimea. The aquapark is decorated according to Latino - American style. The stone idols and the flag with banana are welcoming the guests by the entrance, all around kids' swimming pools and on each attraction - hot Latino guys. On every slide you will get strict instructions on how to behave - the safety is the priority number 1!

There are 25 attractions at the territory (15 of which are suitable for kids), the height of the water slides is 20 m.The slides are with the different slide velocity. The green spiral - slow slide with stops, the yellow and blue spirals - quick sliding. The quickest is the red one.

There are 2 big swimming pools - both for kids and adults. In the big swimming pool you can experience hydro massage, enjoy the drinks right in the water by the bar.

The services on the territory include: parking lots, cloakrooms, shower cubicles, internet cafe, food courts (restaurant, cafes, fast food), medical center, hot sun and fresh sea air.

The prices are 15 - 25 USD/person, depending on the month, weekday, duration of the stay.



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