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Apartment rent in Evpatoria, Crimea.
views: 1334 / posted by Василиса 26 мая 2007

 All the apartments that we offer are withing walking distance to the beaches (5 minutes walk) at Sanatorskaya str. (Санаторская) (take a look at the map of the city - square Г (G) 3-4), grocery stores, restaurants, night clubs and other infrostructure. You don’t have to share these apartments with anybody – you get the keys and the whole apartment is only for you! In our apartments you will find everything that you got used to at home - all the necessary household appliances, TV, conditioning, ironing. You can enjoy your time in the yard in front of the house, where you can have dinners and make a barbeque. If you need, the apartment will be cleaned and tidied up and bedding is changed every 6 days. We could provide you help with any travel arrangements, accommodations, interpreting services, guiding.

Please, feel free to contact us at or +380979032743. Welcome to Ukraine:)






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