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KaZantip, the Project Z, the Orange Republic - the destanation of SCHASTYE!
views: 301 / posted byВасилиса 13 февраля 2009

KaZantip republic is the biggest, longest, craziest and most amazing techno, trance and house music event in the world... A republic dedicated to music, fun and happiness on the most beautiful sandy beach directly on the Black sea.

kaZantip republic is:
real virtual happiness / chill out of my life / the only true freedom outdoors / the more you eat, the bigger your appetite / the captivity of the senses on a kind of island of happiness / the place where people blossom / the only virus which doesn’t make you ill but you still can’t recover from / the eternal wish to return / blissful happiness in compressed form / the only chance to experience paradise while you are still alive…


kaZantip republic first came into being as an independent event in 1992, the same year as the street parade. The origins of the kaZantip republic are to be found in an annual surfing contest which always ended with a big party. This party was extremely popular not just with the surfers but also with the growing number of spectators and visitors. as a result, it developed spontaneously from year to year to become an ever bigger and lengthier event. At the outset it went on for just a couple of days. Today it goes on for 5 to 6 weeks. At the beginning it was a small insider event for a couple of hundred insiders, today it is the biggest techno, trance and house event in the world!

 KaZantip republic is a self-contained 60’000 square metre resort situated directly on a beautiful Black Sea beach on the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine. The spacious complex comprises ten unique, exquisitely designed dance floors, fifteen bars and lounges as well as three restaurants. It has been created to allow you to dance, party and have fun outdoors by the sea 24 hours a day, day and night, over a period of 5 to 6 weeks from the middle of July until the end of August.



Popovka is the name of the idyllic seaside location where kaZantip republic has been built. It is a small, sleepy village where not much goes on when the kaZantip guests aren’t visiting.  Popovka, however, has one of the longest, widest, cleanest and most beautiful sandy beaches on the whole Crimean peninsula. It is the place to experience the most incredible sunsets on the Black sea. The water has a low salt content and is therefore particularly mild. It is crystal-clear and exceptionally clean.

Popovka is just under two hours drive from the airport at Simferopol, the crimean capital and 30 minutes drive from Evpatoria. Crimea is a peninsula on the Black sea and is part of Ukraine. Evpatoria, Yalta and Sevastopol are Crimea’s best-known towns. Crimea remains the top address on the Black sea for sun worshippers from all states of the former Soviet Union as well as the whole of Europe.


Music makes all people come together..

There are 10 different dance floors inside kaZantip republic and each is more eye-catching and spectacular than the other. One floor is situated on a platform over the sea, i.e. directly above the water. Another is in a huge circus tent. A further one, built in the style of a flying saucer, is to be found ten metres above the beach. And still another resembles a Roman coliseum etc. etc. …. In a nutshell: “simply out – of – this- world!”

All the dance floors in kaZantip republic are within 10-15 minutes walking distance.  At least 3 of the 10 clubs play non-stop music 22 hours a day (they are closed for just two hours between 9 and 11. p.m). This means that within the kaZantip republic grounds you can lie on the beach during the day near to your preferred dance floor and enjoy the sun whilst listening to your favourite music being played in optimum quality. For those who would rather have some peace and quiet during the day there are kilometre long white sandy beaches on either side of the kaZantip republic site. Providing an opportunity to relax away from the music, hustle and bustle. The other dance floors start up around 11 p.m. In the evening and wind down at around 10 a.m. in the morning. For the majority of the paradiZers (guests) the most exciting time to be there is between midnight and 8 a.m. as the most renowned DJs in the world are at the turntables during this time.

Just one particular style of music is played on each dance floor per evening/night/morning. either techno, trance, minimal, drum and bass, electro, house etc.. As you can see there is something for every music taste. and you can choose the kind of music you want to hear according to your mood.


Who is there?

The visitors are all very relaxed, zany, lively, dance-mad young people who just want to party, have fun and be happy. They are a motley bunch of Russians, Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans and the other nationalities. All are very sociable, often bilingual and enjoy being with like-minded people who want to party, dance and spread a little happiness. Around 50% of the visitors are couples who want to spend their stay together. The remaining 50% are unattached and, like all single people in the world, enjoy getting to know anyone who is open to a flirt and meeting new people. In 2008 the percentage of female to male visitors was 54% girls and 46% guys.


KaZantip 2009 WELCOMES:

120.000 sq. m of the sound dance space;

720.000 kWt of sun energy each day;

40 best world's DJ's;

12 dance floors;

1.000 of sirfers;

10.000.000 sun cremes;

480.000 beach datings;

1.440.000.000 kg of sand;

20.000.000 smiles each day;

50.000 sq. km of Black Sea water;


AND TONS OF "SCHASTYE" will be waiting for you:)


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10.Posted by Eli (quote name) 17 января 2012 - 19:24
Довольно отличная заметка

9.Posted by Noel (quote name) 16 января 2012 - 20:21
Хотел Вас поблагодарить за довольно нормальную заметку

8.Posted by Wilfrid (quote name) 16 января 2012 - 20:20
Мне очень понравился данный пост

7.Posted by Milo (quote name) 12 января 2012 - 20:00
Вполне сносная статья

6.Posted by Denis (quote name) 12 января 2012 - 19:59
Хотел Вас поблагодарить за вполне хорошую заметку

5.Posted by Ebenezer (quote name) 11 января 2012 - 01:25
Оченьнормальный пост

4.Posted by Daniel (quote name) 11 января 2012 - 01:25
Вполнепонравился материал

3.Posted by aaaa (quote name) 17 октября 2010 - 07:03
Вы задаёте себе воопрос где можна скачать kazantip 2009 ?Вот вам ссылка насамый лутчый зборник казантипа ( kazantip ) 2009 года

2.Posted by aaaa (quote name) 17 октября 2010 - 07:02
Вы задаёте себе воопрос где можна скачать kazantip 2009 ?Вот вам ссылка насамый лутчый зборник казантипа ( kazantip ) 2009 года

1.Posted by livian (quote name) 18 июня 2009 - 17:24
Вы задаёте себе воопрос где можна скачать kazantip 2009 ?Вот вам ссылка насамый лутчый зборник казантипа ( kazantip ) 2009 года

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