Evpatoria's Beaches

What poetic epithet has not been used to describe Evpatoria's beaches! Golden, silvery, pearly, velvety, tender, gentle, warm, hot, broad, deep, clean - and all are accurate. And is it not wide? The length of the coast is 50 kilometers. And this length of the Evpatoria area bay coastal strip is coated under a layer of fine sand. Its golden or silvery shade depends on the degree of the oxidizing processes occurring in sand silica in the sun. Soft velvetiness is added by the grains themselves - the smallest debris from seashells, amongst which is seldom found stones or pebbles and never dust. The small shell debris, due to friction against each other, grinds itself down and altogether forms that soft velvety bedding, which creates the so-called 'Golden' beach and is valuable, particularly to use for sand baths. In truth, there is area at the coast where it is possible find seashells and pebbles of varied tones and shapes, and after storm, if washed ashore, to find semiprecious minerals - cornelian, agate or chrysolite. Earlier, of course, such gifts of nature were much easier to find. Not by chance that one of the public hobbies at the resort at the beginning of the 20th century was the gathering of small stones and seashell. And today enterprising Evpatorians successfully sell fashionable beads from these seashells to the Baltic states and Poland. Sand of the Evpatorian beaches, a member of the white-sulphur sand category, is extremely absorbent, dries up slowly, warm up quickly, but in the same way cools off quickly. Evidently, it has some radioactivity. How to describe Evpatorian sand? That it is hot. Yes, under the sun's ray the beach is warmed (up to 50 Celsius), as hot as a stove, which does not have time to cool off in the night or during a cloudy day. Heat conductivity and the thermal capacity of the sand is insignificant. Beach sand contains iron compounds and table salt. The strong influence of the sun on the sand and the presence of hot saline compounds from sea water - all this does makes using sand baths with solar heating (right at the sea side and in the fresh sea air) vastly more efficient in therapeutic terms than artificial sand baths. How do poetic words express such characteristics of sand? How absorbent it is, i.e., how quickly it drinks up moisture. Or another capability - the lime composition of the sand grains enters a chemical reaction with body sweat, i.e., a peculiar carbon dioxide bath. All these qualities of Evpatoria sand has allowed it to become a valuable medical tool. Sand baths at the resort were used from the very beginning of its existence. They are useful for chronic disease of the muscles, joints, kidneys, peripheral nervous system disorders, metabolic disturbances, rickets, sciatica and gynecological diseases. Walk on the sand barefooted! The fine natural massage of the food soles, where the most important biopower points for the body lay, and the interaction with charge from the earth's crust will provide extraordinary flow of vigor and energy. Evpatorian beaches are well-equipped, радиофицированы. Year round at night the beach and sea shore are very conducive to sleeping. Here morning hygienic gymnastics are held. On beach there are shaded awnings and special benches. Plank beds are placed under the awnings to take air and sun baths. Between the awnings are water fountains and changing rooms. From the middle of May to October and from morning to evening on the beach, like a great anthill, peculiar life is in full swing. Hear children and adults, bathing in the rays of the baking, always-curing sun and washed by constantly replaced, pure, fresh sea air, seek and find recovery and fortification for their bodies, and defeat different types of illnesses to find recovery from disease. The largest contingent at the beach is children, whose growing bodies particularly need the sun's energy.


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