The Sea

Splendid beaches of velvety sand and a gradually descending sandy sea bottom, quickly heated shallow coastal water, low surf with almost no tide and unceasing sunshine - these are Evpatoria's inherent features and all these gifts of nature mean that even very small children can swim here in the sea. In Evpatoria, children from the age of just 3-years old can swim in the sea water. They can freely enter the water from the shore without risk of falling into a hole or being subjected to a strong surf. The water of Evpatoria Bay is pure and clear to a great depth and retains all the qualities of sea water as there is no river water flowing into the sea and there are no freshwater reservoirs nearby that would affect the sea water or change its composition. Also absent are other conditions that often lead to contamination of water such as the presence of factories. The shallow sea warms up nicely in the sun and the sea water temperature in summer days is usually higher in Evpatoria than at the southern coast of Crimea. At the same time, on hot days it is easier to breathe in Evpatoria than in Yalta as it is better ventilated by refreshing sea breezes during the day while at night currents of Steepe air, warm but not stuffy, wash over the city. Sea water is used not just for therapeutic baths, but also for other medical procedures such as douches, rubdowns and enemas and, after boiling, for mouthwashes, cleaning the nose and taking internally. The water temperature, gradually increasing from February on, reaches 16 Celsius in May, staying at a higher temperature in June, July, August and September, with a peak in August of up to 30 Celsius. On average in the summer the temperature runs from 22 to 25 Celsius. It's still possible to swim in the sea even to the middle or maybe right up to the end of October, particularly in dry summers. Thus, the sea is used for swimming for nearly 6 months of the year. The tides in Evpatoria Bay are quite low, as the sea only has a weak influence here. This combined with the insignificant serf resulting from the special structure of the sea bottom and coast, with the wind strength and direction, allow for perfect conditions for swimming, especially by children.


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