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    views: 788 / posted byВасилиса 27 июня 2007

    Moynaki Mud Treatment Center - founded in 1887. The curative muds of Lake Moynaki were recognized as having public importance and were placed under protection from overuse under a high decree on February 3, 1897. In 1913 the Moynaki mud clinic received a high silver medal for the all-Russia hygienic exhibition.

    The main clinic building is located on the central path of a park in the heart of Evpatoria.
    This modern health clinic is a large multi-specialty medical complex equipped with the latest equipment and automation and four separate departments for mud procedures (two for women, one for men and one for children), as well as a department with 80 baths. In addition there are 32 couches for electro-mud therapy and 22 devices, 2 gas-mud therapy baths and 2 hydro-massage baths. In total there are 148 mud therapy couches and 70 tables for internal cavity procedures. The clinic daily offers 44 types of mud procedures using various types of application such as ‘jackets’, ‘boots, ‘pants’ etc.
    The curative mud/silt of Lake Moynaki contains not only various types of salts but also highly active microelements, minerals and organic material. The richest material is the sulfur muds lying at the lake’s bottom. Mud therapy is used to treat a wide variety of ailments and has been used with great success in cosmetology. Lake Moynaki’s mud is of an even higher quality than the famous Dead Sea mud from Israel and currently, cosmetology institutes in Kiev, Nikolaev and Moscow recommend its use.
    Many of the city’s sanatoriums use the services of this clinic.
    Address: 30 Polypanova Street, Evpatoria. Directions: Tram 2 to the Mud Clinic Moynaki stop.

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