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It's for the kids!
views: 222 / posted byВасилиса 26 января 2009

Evpatoria is one of the most famous kids’ resort in the former USSR countries. When I say to “Soviets” that I come from Evpatoria, there always appears a smile on the face of my new friend and the comments, like :”Oh, I learnt to swim there. I attended my first camp there. I stayed in the sanatoria X with my parents as a kid…” Shallow sea, sandy beaches, sun, mild climate – the place is ideal for the family vocation!


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The Sea
views: 679 / posted byВасилиса 27 июня 2007

Splendid beaches of velvety sand and a gradually descending sandy sea bottom, quickly heated shallow coastal water, low surf with almost no tide and unceasing sunshine - these are Evpatoria's inherent features and all these gifts of nature mean that even very small children can swim here in the sea...


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Evpatoria’s history
views: 897 / posted byВасилиса 27 июня 2007

Evpatoria’s history covers 2500 years, that makes it one of the ten oldest cities of the former Soviet Union. It is younger than Yerevan and Kerch, but older than Feodosia, Tashkent, Kiev. For the 2.5 millennia of its existence, the city has had three names. Evpatoria, in the words of a guide, is a "city with an incredibly rich historical past." The traces of time, whimsically intertwining, create unique sensations for the visitor. In two to three hours of walking you can visit three cities: ancient Kirkinitida, medieval Gozlov and modern Evpatoria. It all began with the ancient city of Kirkinitida, when Greek settlers ceremonially lit the sacred fire of Hestia, the goddess of the hearth...


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Apartment rent in Evpatoria, Crimea.
views: 1334 / posted byВасилиса 26 мая 2007

Apartment rent in Evpatoria, Crimea. We are the owners of the 1 – and 2 – room apartments on the Black sea shore in Evpatoria. All the apartments that we offer are within walking distance to the beaches (5 minutes walk), grocery stores, restaurants, night clubs and other infrastructure....



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Underwater hunting -organization of the activity, equipment. Please call +380979032743, Vasilisa

опубликовал(а) Василиса 6 марта 2009

"If you ever take a look in the sea depth, you will immediately become a prisoner of the kingdom you have never seen before, in the existence of which you will hardly believe - the kingdom will seem so unusual and new to you, in spite of the fact that it has always been so close, and you have discovered it thanks to a simple, I would call primitive equipment.. An ordinary spectator will never see even a tiny part of that unbelievable and alive activity, that is available to the SUBMARINE CHASER"

James Aldridge



The Banana Republic - the Evpatorian Aquapark welcomes!
views: 200 / posted byВасилиса 2 марта 2009

That is the place where kids are dying to go, begging their parents to bring them there.. As a result the adults forget about their kids, spend an awesome time and feel themselves young:) 

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Car rental in the Crimea as well as all around Ukraine
views: 187 / posted byВасилиса 20 февраля 2009

  Car rental  - a convinient service for tourists as well as for business people, who are  accustomed to value their time. Caring about their customers, the company ALEXAVTO seeks to ensure them freedom of movement, offering car rental service. Renting a car in the company ALEXAVTO is very simple and in addition you get reliability and comfort. 

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KaZantip, the Project Z, the Orange Republic - the destanation of SCHASTYE!
views: 301 / posted byВасилиса 13 февраля 2009

KaZantip never ends, it just stops for a while.. For the whole year it stays in our blood in order to splash out with adrenaline in summer.


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Night Clubs and Show Business. Night life
views: 4671 / posted byВасилиса 10 июля 2007

From July until September a large number of the best known entertainers in the Ukraine and Russia, as well as theatrical circus groups, come to the Crimea. Anton Chekhov once remarked that the Crimean cities were perfectly suited for entertainment tours. Since recent times, practically every city has been holding musical and theatrical festivals, both for professional and young performers, including children...

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